Sublime Text 2 plugin: hg

A simple Sublime Text plugin for hg. I am calling it hg4subl. Its completely inspired by sublime-text-2-git which I use.

The plugin can upgrade itself unlike git version :) Tools -> Hg -> hg4subl updates


On Linux and *nix platforms:

cd ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Package
hg clone http://code.thejeshgn.com/hg4subl

The "hg" binary can be specified with the setting "hg4subl_hg". For example by putting this in your user settings:

On Linux

"hg4subl_hg": "/opt/local/bin/hg"

on Mac

"hg4subl_hg": "/usr/local/bin/hg"

Not tested on other envs

For updating to latest version:

Tools - Hg - hg4subl updates

What's supported?

  • Pull
  • Fetch
  • Push
  • Status
  • Pull
  • Change Branch
  • Diff All
  • Log All
  • Quick Commit
  • Annotate
  • Add current file
  • Remove current file
  • Diff current file
  • Log current file
  • Choose file to add
  • Custom Command
  • Update hg4subl
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